Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Exciting Day

Final World Cup Qualifiers Today

Who's it gonna be? Here's a great rundown of the matches taking place today that will decide the last to make it into the 32 who have qualified for South Africa.

Nice New Podcast

I guess you could say I have a man crush on Greg Lalas, the insightful and intelligent soccer journalist who just happens to be the younger brother of the former US Men's National team player, Alexi. Greg is former MLS player and is a columnist for several sites including Sports Illustrated and He is the host of the Extratime Internet show for MLS and is the TV color commentator for the New Egland Revolution. He is the only reason I can bear to watch the New England's local TV broadcasts on the MLS Direct Kick package. The play-by-play guy is an unbearable homer and Lalas will call him out on it frequently. It's great! I wish there was a button on the remote to mute just one person on a show. It would make watching those games much more enjoyable.

Greg Lalas interviews his more famous brother, Alexi

Anyway, Greg now has launched an American Soccer podcast with co-host Adam Spangler of This is American Soccer called Waiting for Gaetjens *. I think it's great that someone with the soccer chops that Lalas has is doing this podcast. If you go to the iTunes store, you can find hundreds of soccer podcasts and even a few that list themselves as American Soccer podcasts, but so few actually deliver. I find that most are hosted by ex-pat Brits who trot out the same boring topics of how MLS will never be a top league and complain that the USMNT will never win the World Cup. Waiting For Gaetjens will bring you insightful views on American soccer from guys that grew up playing, watching, and living American soccer.

* Note: Waiting for Gaetjens is named after Joe Gaetjens, the Haitian-born scorer of the famous goal that beat England 1:0 in the 1950 World Cup, who some claim was the best ever American player. Waiting for Gaetjens is the neverending quest for the best in American soccer.

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