About the Perfectly Weighted Through Blog

My name is Ryan Harbaugh.  The Perfectly Weighted Through Blog is my attempt to shed some much needed attention on the sport of soccer in the Tennessee Valley and Huntsville, in particular.   I am not a journalist by training or vocation, but I'll do my best to cover high school, college, semi-pro, and professional soccer as best I can. This blog is purely an indication of what I think is interesting in the soccer world with a emphasis on local soccer happenings.

I welcome any help I can get in the execution of this endeavor.  If you'd like to contribute or criticize, drop me a comment or send me an email at ryanogol[at]gmail[dot]com. 

Just as a good midfielder will attempt to hit that perfectly weighted through ball on to a streaking forward's foot, I'll try to bring you the most interesting soccer stories around Huntsville, Madison and the rest of the Tennessee Valley.