Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Referees Needed !!! 2009 Spring Season

My friend Darrell has asked me to post this. Please consider joining the "dark side".

“There’s more to soccer than just playing the game or coaching the game. There is more than watching your favorite professional team on TV or live. There is a dark side of soccer. A side that involves wearing dark clothes, i.e. black pants, black shoes, and sometimes black shirts and black hats. This side of soccer is often overlooked or dismissed and almost always unappreciated. I’m talking about soccer refereeing, which is a sort of a sport in itself. Imagine, if you will, having to be athletic, be able to run fast, make quick decisions, but be calm and composed at the same time. This is also a sport in which you get paid to participate. It is actually one heck of a challenge.”

“High School season starts next week and there is a need for referees in North Alabama. It’s easy to become a high school referee. See the announcement at, browse the high school specific info at and also glance at the general info about soccer refereeing at After becoming a high school referee there are other possible soccer venues for you, e.g. USSF (youth and adult), College, Futsal (new in this area), NFPL (professional), and more.”

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