Tuesday, February 10, 2009

USA v Mexico and other games on TV

Tomorrow is the start of the 4th quadrennial Concacaf Hexagonal. Here’s a nifty listing of stats from the previous 3 hex-es.

As for the big US-Mex match-up, I don’t feel that great about the US chances. I’m hearing a lot of smack talk from US fans and media and, honestly, I don’t feel it’s justified. I’m truly worried about overconfidence in the team. Let’s face it. With the exception of Tim Howard, most of the European contingent of the US roster has not been lighting it up across the pond. Most of them have a hard time getting off the bench. And the MLS portion of the roster hasn’t played a meaningful match in several months.

Sure, the Mexicans have had some poor results as of late, but this is a derby /classico match-up, and these types of game usually come down to who wants it more. Let’s hope Bob has the boys in the right frame of mind and body to prove my worries wrong.

BTW, there are some other great international match-ups around the world in the next few days. You can catch these on TV.


Brazil v Italy (Friendly) , FSC and FSE @ 1:30 PM


Japan v Australia (World Cup Qualifier), FSC @ 4:00 AM

Iran v South Korea (World Cup Qualifier), FSC @ 10:00 AM

Germany v Norway (Friendly), GolTV @ 1:30 PM

France v Argentina (Friendly), ESPN2 @ 1:55 PM

USA v Mexico (World Cup Qualifier), ESPN2 and Univision, 6:00 PM


  1. I'm not overly confident... but Dempsey is in good form and Donovan seems to be up to the task playing/practicing with Bayern Munich. As for defense I think Onyewu has been starting and I know Bocanegra is a regular in the French 1st division. I agree that you throw the records out in this game. Hopefully we pull this one out!

  2. Good point on Boca and Gooch. It's the attacking side of the house that I'm more concerned with. Maybe I'm being overly negative, but Dempsey had a good week about a month ago. Since then, meh... Donovan has been getting mop up time with Bayern and Beasley can't get on the bench, let alone in the game for Rangers (not counting the recent friendly vs Milan).