Monday, March 23, 2009

Rumor: FSC Wins Champions League TV Rights

In what has to be a blow to ESPN's recent self described emphasis on soccer programming, it is rumored that Fox Soccer Channel has won the rights to show the UEFA Champion's League beginning in 2010-11. Poor blind Tommy Smith will know have to limit his catch phrase "Bulge in the old onion bag!" to the produce section of the local grocer's.

I think ESPN does a pretty decent job covering the most exciting club tournament in the world. If the rumor proves true, it will be interesting to see if FSC actually splashes some cash to provide on site coverage. Most likely they will use the Sky broadcast feed and rebrand it as their own. ESPN called the games from stateside studios, but at least the games are in HD. FSC currently does not broadcast in HD, but there are more rumors that FSC will upgrade to HD toward the end of 2009.

This is yet another reason for all you Knology customers to drop them ASAP!

BTW, anyone else creeped out by the Sony ads of the glowing orb in the stadium?


  1. Honestly, I can get past Tommy-the-auld-onion-bag if I can see it in HD. FSC's commentators are 10 times worse than he ever thought about being. Smith may be old but at least he's got half a clue. Directv is nice with the combo of Setanta Gol and FSC... haven't missed a match yet, I wondered if anyone else noticed the weird glowy thingy.

  2. I have knowlogy right now... Which provider should I go to and what channels are the ones I need for UEFA matches?

  3. I suggest DirecTV. They have FSC and GolTV in their Sports Pack.

  4. ESPN is doing it very well, and the HD is a must. This just proves that they can do it, and do it right. So what does FSC have, more games. Come on ESPN, futbol is the most popular, most watched, sport in the world! Just a little more coverage would be nice. Imagine if ESPN staff saw more good teams and games, and started to enjoy the sport. But I do remember some tech problems last year. Or actually it looked like a comercial break 25 minutes in the game, when it returned, they had missed a goal. It was the only goal of the match too. I do have a feeling that ESPN has noticed viewer popularity in the Champions league. How they act upon this and w/the news about FSC, well, let's not get our hopes up too high and pray to give us good World Cup Qualifier coverage or something.