Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Petersen's 730 WUMP Appearance

Rocket City United Coach Greg Petersen appeared on the Johnny "Ballpark" Franks show on SportsRadio 730 The Ump today. I didn't have a way to record the interview and I'm no stenographer. So, please for give me, Greg, if I misquote.

RCU's Greg Petersen

On the upgrade in personnel from last year, including what he looks for in players: "[RCU Players] must be good with the ball, including defenders... They must be intelligent and dynamic . Something that I think coaches in every sport are looking for. I really think that we've improved that dramatically [in the offseason]."

On local players to watch: Petersen talked extensively about Grissom grad, Paul Willoughby. "I wouldn't be surprised to see Paul sign a pro contract very soon." He also mentions UAH grad Rafa Barbosa and that he is exciting to watch.

On North Alabama in comparison to soccer in other parts of the world: "North Alabama has some of the best athletes in the country." He went on to describe Derek Pirtle and Sutton Shultz as terrific athletes with raw talent that he is exited to see develop.

On RCU President, Andy Zorovich: "Andy really knows the business side of the game… and how to engage the community." Petersen mentioned the recent very successful Blood drive sponsored by RCU.

On the first match this weekend against Saturn FC: "We are playing down in Atlanta against a team we know pretty well having played them in SuperLiga this summer. I'm expecting a competitive match… at this point, the more competitive the match, the better it is for us."

I'll have more on the upcoming RCU season later this week.

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