Friday, May 28, 2010

RCU's US Open Cup Qualifying Rescheduled, Reformated

The US Amateur Soccer Association's Region III US Open Cup qualifying tournament matches scheduled for Friday night were canceled due to prolonged lightning strikes in the Tuscaloosa area. In addition to the weather rescheduling, the Brazilian Soccer Academy team failed to show up and was disqualified. The tournament format has been adjusted from 3 groups of 3 teams to 2 groups of 4. The two group winner's will qualify for the US Open Cup knockout rounds.
Rocket City United will now be in Group A where they will face Pumas tomorrow at 11AM and Lynch's FC at 8PM. On Sunday, RCU will play Legends FC at 3PM.


  1. Does it seem to anyone else like Rocket City is sliding backwards as a team? It looks like they got only one point from three games at U.S, Open Cup and even worse they scored only one goal. Why did other teams have twitter feeds from Tuscaloosa but Rocket City had technical difficulties? Last season, win,lose or tie, they scored goals. Now they don't. Why didn't they get back good players like Barbosa and Okello? Why does Shults play on defense this year when they can't score goals?

  2. Let's see what this team can do once all the players who are on the roster can play? Armstrong might have all the acolades as a former USA National Team Player, but as a coach he still has a lot prove. If things don't improve, you have to really ask Andy Zorovich why he did not do everything in his power to keep Petersen? So far seeing this team play compared to last year's team is very depressing. Let's hope things start changing soon. The season could already over if we dont get 3 points at home against Atlanta.