Friday, May 28, 2010

World Cup Stuff

USA Names SquadYou'd have to have your head under a rock, not to hear about the US announcing the 23 man squad. If you've followed the team in the past few weeks, the only real surprise will be the inclusion of Robbie Finley at the expense of Brian Ching. Ching was battling a hamstring injury and the speed off the bench that Finley brings led coach Bob Bradley to make the decision.

D is for Death

Traditionally, the group in which is the hardest to get out of is coined the "Group of Death". In this edition of the World Cup, that designation is not so cut and dried. However, according to the latest and final FIFA rankings before the World Cup, Group D is the "Group of Death" (queue the scary movie music, dun-dun--duuuuuun)!!! The group with Germany, Serbia, Australia, and Ghana has the highest average ranking of 18.25. Incidentally, the USA's group is the second highest ranked with a group ranking of 19.25.

ESPN's World Cup Murals

As part of the world wide leader in sports' advertising blitz for the World Cup, ESPN had created murals of each team in the world cup. Some are very cool, while some look like really bad album covers. Check them out here.

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