Monday, June 7, 2010

World Cup Stuff: My USA Jersey, Fantasy Tips, Econonmics, USA v England Ref, The Onion Article

Just Doing My Bit for the Cause

So, here's a photo of the new USA jersey I recently had personalized. It has the name and number of Joe Gaetjens, the scorer of the USA's lone goal in the 1950 World Cup upset over England. I'm hoping it brings us some good luck on Saturday.

World Cup Fantasy Tips

As this WC nears, I’ve been getting deluged by friends who don’t follow the international game closely for tips to help them win their WC fantasy league. Whether it’s a player based fantasy challenge or a team you-pick-em game (always pick Brazil, if possible), read up to help you pick your winners.

Who’ll win the World Cup? Check the economics.

NPR is has a very interesting story on a Goldman-Sachs study on how the economics of a country affects its FIFA rankings and likelihood of winning the World Cup. Brazil and Argentina are the outliers here, because they are always good.

Uh-oh! Ref for USA v England is card happy

"Yeah, I get to send someone off!"

Carlos Simon of Brazil has been named the referee for the USA v England match on Saturday, and boy does he like reaching for the cards in his pocket. Expect to see more flashing yellow than a construction warning sign. Here's the breakdown of the World Cup 2006 games he worked.

Italy vs Ghana (5 Yellow Cards)

Spain vs Tunisia (8 Yellow cards)

Germany vs Sweden (1 Red Card, 5 Yellow Cards)

Oh, and one other interesting tid-bit about Mr. Simon. He was recently suspended by the Brazilian Federation for six weeks for “perceived errors.”

What has two thumbs and loves soccer? This guy!

My work cube: Wait! Could this article be about me?

The Onion cracks me up. They’ve done it again with this hilarious article about the USA’s only soccer fan. Are you that guy in your office?


  1. I vaguely remember this referee Carlos Eugenio Simon from several months back. I remember the last name Simon. And I remember thinking that he was not of the same skill and ability of many of the other FIFA referees I see on national level and premier level matches. The winner of the USA vs England match may be the team who is best at working around the oddities of this referee.

  2. Ah, like your reference to the great character actor Nicki Katt's line in the otherwise so-so film "Insomnia." Interestingly, for soccer fans and fetishists, Nicki Katt is really into feet. Since his use of this line was off color, let's just say it ended w/ "This Guy!"

  3. that onion article is awesome on so many levels.