Friday, July 9, 2010

RCU Will Know Their Fate When They Face Atlanta On Sunday

Rocket City United's match against Atlanta FC has been pushed back one day from Saturday night to Sunday at 7:30PM at Hoskyn Stadium in suburban Atlanta.  The change allows Atlanta FC to host a make-up match with FC Tulsa on Saturday.  The change will also allow RCU to know Saturday night's NPSL results and if they will still have a chance to qualify for the NPSL Final Four which the club will be hosting at the Madison City Schools Stadium from July 29-31

Atlanta (0-1-4, 1 pt.) are coming off a stinging 6:1 defeat at home against Pumas last Saturday.  Perhaps the absence of their coach, Ricardo Montoya, who has been in South Africa coaching a US team in the FIFA Football for Hope Festival for much of the season.

Things are getting interesting in the NPSL Southeast Region table.  Due to some early season game postponements, the current NPSL table is a little deceiving.   Four of the five teams remain mathematically in the hunt, but Chattanooga is squarely in the driver's seat.  CFC (4-2-0, 14 pts.) sits on top, but RCU (2-3-1, 9 pts.) trails by 5 points with 2 games left to play for each team.  Pumas FC (2-1-2, 7 pts.) and FC Tulsa (1-1-2, 4 pts.) are still not eliminated and have extra matches in which to make up the difference. 

If CFC drops points to Pumas FC in Birmingham on Saturday night, RCU will know that a win over Atlanta on Sunday night will go a long way in keeping them in the hunt for the Final Four and will set up what could be a winner-take-all match between CFC and RCU in Chattanooga on July 17th.  However, a CFC win on Saturday night in Birmingham will clinch the Southeast Region title for the Blues and the spot in the NPSL Final Four.


  1. Dates for Final 4 are July 29th - 31st.

  2. Fixed, thanks.

    BTW, RCU wants a draw out of tonight's CFC-Pumas match. That would eliminate Pumas and RCU would take the title with wins at Atlanta and at Chattanooga. Both RCU and CFC would finish with 15 points, but RCU would win the title based on head to head results.

    ...Unless... FC Tulsa wins out and finishes with 16 points. :)

  3. Fate has spoken. CFC defeats Pumas 3-2.