Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Year Later: Still Helping Haiti

Today is the anniversary of the earthquake that rocked Port-au-Prince in Haiti.  I thought I'd share some photos of the collection of used soccer equipment that you, the Huntsville soccer community, so graciously donated in conjunction with the Haiti Food Drive.

Drop-off at the Disaster Response Warehouse in Decatur
A few months ago, my wife and I drove the donations down to Decatur to meet the Warehouse Supervisor Ray who catalogs and readies all donations for transport to on-site locations.  We spent a few hours with Ray helping around the warehouse and got an idea of just how much help is needed in Haiti.  He was truly excited about the soccer equipment donations and thought it would be a great thing for those in need.

Warehouse supervisor Ray boxing up the balls
I'd been meaning to share these for a while now and the anniversary seemed like an appropriate time to do so.

Thank you all for your donations.


  1. hey are you still doing this? We can set it up again at the tournament in feb. thanks.

  2. Just got back from Haiti last week and couldn't agree more! We managed to hand out over 1000 dental care kits. Included in the kits were a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and a toy for each child. Many of these kids have never seen a toothbrush, so their faces glowed like they had just been given a treasure box! Check out the pics at