Friday, February 5, 2010

Clean Out Your Closet For Haiti: PWT-blog looking for your old soccer equipment

As you may have read over at Southern Soccer, I've been organizing a new or used soccer equipment drive in conjunction with the folks over at the local Haiti Food Drive.

Kids play soccer in the Haitian National Soccer Stadium that is being used as a temporary tent city. Image via Daylife.

Josh Russo of the Haiti Food Drive has this to say about the soccer equipment drive, "I know that it's going to bring a lot of joy to kids of all ages down there. We're supporting an organization that had 10 orphanages, seven of which are now rubble. Thankfully, almost all of the kids survived the quake (most of them were outside at the time) but a "return to normalcy" as you say seems far off. ...[soccer equipment] is not a priority at the moment, but I'd love to know that we can plan on bringing soccer equipment down there at a future date. ...Once we get to a point where we're sending clothing and comfort items, that's when we'll want to have your help getting those kids kicking (and dreaming of World Cups) again."

Pull those old cleats out and bring 'em down to Pete's Soccer Shop.

So, go dig into your closets for yours or your kid's old soccer cleats, shirts, shorts, socks, balls, etc. and bring them down to Pete's Soccer Shop at 8408 Whitesburg Drive over the next few weeks. If you're playing in next weekend's Weekend Warrior tournament, you can also drop your equipment off there.

I'm also trying to coordinate with Rocket City United on an equipment collection at one of their home matches this spring. Keep an eye out for those details later.

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