Wednesday, May 18, 2011

American Outlaws in Huntsville, Rocket City Invitational

American Outlaws Want You!
The American Outlaws, a supporters group for the US Men's National Team started in 2007 by some soccer buddies in Lincoln, Nebraska, are looking to expand to the Rocket City.  AO member Andrew Adams is looking to organize the new chapter in Huntsville and needs 25 paid members to become official.

The chapter will gather for USMNT viewing parties at the AO's home bar, organize trips to USMNT games, and generally support soccer in the Huntsville area.  It will also be the first AO chapter in Alabama.  Right now, Andrew has 12 members.  I've just signed up, and if you are a fan of US Soccer, you should too!

With your $20 membership fee you get an AO t-shirt and bandana, discounted tickets for USMNT games, flight discounts on Continental airlines to any US Soccer game, even games in other countries.    
Join now through the AO Membership page.  

Rocket City Invitational Announced
The Rocket City Invitational 6-aside tournament is back.  The 2011 version will be held at Dublin Park on the weekend of July 23-24.  Southern Soccer is going all out once again to provide the best tournament possible including several divisions for all skill levels, on site massage and mist tent.  Register your team now.


  1. You need to update your flier here, which someone sent me today.

    It says July 31-Aug 1, which is a sunday and monday.

  2. Nope, that's last year's dates. This year's tournament is July 23-24.

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