Sunday, May 24, 2009

RCU Need Win To Move On

After a 0:1 loss in difficult conditions to Legends FC of North Texas, RCU will need to win their Group II finale to for any hopes to advance to the knockout stages of the US Open Cup. Goalkeeper Jeffrey Preston was sent off for taking down the Legends forward on a breakaway resulting in a PK in the 68th minute. The kick from the mark was enough to give Legends the full points.

In a startling development, US Open Cup officials disqualified Dynamo New Tampa for fielding an ineligible player. FIFA rules dictate that all forfeits will be recorded as a 3:0 win for the opponent, thus negating RCU's 5:1 win over Dynamo.

These developments significantly effects the Group II table and not in favor of RCU. Prior to today's match, the updated table sees Atlanta FC sitting atop with 6 points (1 win, 1 forfeit) from 2 games and a plus 4 goal differential . Legends FC find themselves in second with 6 points from 3 games (1 win, 1 forfeit, 1 loss) and a goal differential of plus 3. RCU sit in third position with 3 points from 2 games (1 forfeit, 1 loss) and a goal differential of plus 2. Without the disqualifications RCU would be have 3 points (1 win, 1 loss) with a goal differential of plus 3.

So, where does this leave RCU now? Despite their current position, RCU still control their own destiny. A victory over Atlanta FC with more than one goal scored by RCU sees them through to the next stage uncontested. A loss or a tie for RCU would see Atlanta through to the next stage.

Interestingly, a 1:0 victory by RCU would cause the table to be knotted up like a debutante's stomach before the ball. All three clubs would be equal on Head to Head Results ,Goals Differential, Goals For, and Goals Against. A series of coin tosses would then determine the group victor. (Don't ask me for the procedure for the coin tosses.)

Let's hope it doesn't come to that. Kickoff is 11:30 AM central time.

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  1. by playing the DQ'ed team first, RCU got the wrong end of the draw as well.
    Did Atlanta FC play a full match against Tampa or did they get a rest day?