Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Where Are You Watching The CL Finals?

So, are you going to develop a case of 3 hour flu tomorrow afternoon? If so, where are you going to watch the Champions League final?

I know people are going to be at both local locations of Buffalo Wild Wings, and I heard that a few folks might go Monaco Pictures bar to catch the game. Personally, I like to watch at home, so I can scream at the TV in privacy.

What ever you do, please respect the hardworking souls who can't feign illness and are recording the game by not texting, emailing, or calling them with the results. That's just not fair. If you are going to watch the game and you have a HASL match tomorrow night, please don't jump out of your car and scream for all at Merrimack to hear, "Did you see that sick goal by Ronaldo/Messi/Henry/Rooney?!!!" The soccer gods do not take kindly to that type of behavior.

Anyway, here are some CL final related vids to enjoy.

The Making of Messi's Champions League Final Boots

Henry vs Giggs Rebok spot

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