Sunday, May 31, 2009

RCU vs Chat FC "Behind the Scenes"

As some of you know, I do TV commentary for Rocket City United along with my good friend and local soccer legend, John Moran. It's a lot of fun and also a lot of work. John and I prepare for the broadcast by spending hours trying to gather as much information as possible about RCU and their opponents. We do a lot of googling on the players, coaches, and the league itself. We also try to get out to practices a few times a week to get to know the tendencies of the players. Neither of us are expert broadcasters, but we do our best.

Here's a little behind the scenes peek at the RCU home opener last night.

John and Bill setting up the scaffolding where we shoot and do the broadcast.
This is a view of the press box from the field. For some reason the designers of the stadium press box did not account for video photography of the games being played at the stadium. So, we have to put the scaffolding up and shoot from there for unobstructed views.

RCU Head Coach Greg Petersen directs pregame warm-up

Referee Caleb Brown conducts the coin toss

These vids are shot with my hand-held Flip Mino video camera, as are most of the videos I post on the PWT-blog. Bill uses professional grade equipement and it really shows in the quality.
As the players walk out on the field, they aren't the only ones feeling the nerves. John and I are feeling them, too.

Norbert Webley gets wrapped by the training staff at halftime.

After talking for 90 minutes straight, John and I are surprisingly exhausted from the effort. Fortunately, we get to attend the post-game party and wet our tired lips at the Olde Towne Brewery.

After the hard fought game, players, team staff and members of the RCU Club attended the post game party at Olde Towne Brewery. The free beer alone is worth the price to join the RCU Club. :) For more info on how to join the Club, go here.

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