Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ugh, So Let's Forget About That, Shall We

US National Team needs to channel Leonard from the film "Memento"

The sign of a great striker is a short memory. Miss a sitter from 2 inches out that your invalid grandmother could convert... No matter, put it out of your mind and convert the next chance. I wonder if that's the sign of a great team, too. The USMNT laid an egg last night. Now is the time to have a short memory, because with only two full days between last night and Saturday's match against Honduras, they need to forget it, fast.


  1. Yep. With two more yellows last night, BBradly should have fun making Saturday's lineup. PS - Love the Memento reference.

  2. I put this one on Bob's Shoulders. Let's hope the players come out with something to prove on Saturday.