Friday, June 26, 2009


Vuvuzela! Or in the US, they are called "annoying plastic horns". While watching the glorious US victory over Spain the other day in a local establishment, the bar maid asked innocently, "Do all soccer games sound like a beehive?" Apparently, the sound had reminded her of her childhood farm when she would gather honey from the family's backyard beehive.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Check it out.

Now, I'll admit it. I owned one of these terrible inventions in my younger days, but after a few days at the stadium spent blowing it to the rythim of the "DC U-NI-TED" chants, my head would feel like silly putty. It took a lot to blow that thing, but even worse was when I had to listen to the countless others in the rows behind me blow it haphazardly throughout the game right in my ear. That and the punk rock music of my youth has certainly contributed to my poor hearing now. Even when I was able to successfully distance myself from the horns, I would leave the match with a headache.

Fortunately, many MLS teams have banned the horns from the stadium, as should FIFA. Except when Sepp "Blather" Blatter is speaking, blow away then... And let me offer a sincere apology to all those soccer enthusiasts who had to listen to me blow the Vuvuzela.

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