Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More MLSness

Best Goal of 2009

Check out the goal of the week winners and the nominees for Goal of the Year. My favorites are Clint Mathis (Week 6), Eddie Lewis (Week 9), Nate Jaqua (Week 10), Brian Namoff (Week 17), Alecko Eskandarian (Week 18), Landon Donovan (Week 20), and Robbie Finley (Week 32). I'm a fan of the sombrero move. So, I might have to pick Esky's goal as my favorite. Although, I can't deny that the Mathis goal was a thing of beauty.

Best Save of 2009

Here are the Save of the Year nominees. My favorites have to be Kevin Goldthwaite (Week 4), Pat Onstad (Week 5), Kasey Keller (Week 10), Stephen Frei (Weeks 11, 25), Zach Thornton (Week 27), Tyronne Marshall (Week 29), and Geoff Cameron (Week 31).

I can't bring myself to vote for a defender. Keepers get little enought recognition as is, but you gotta give some love to those defenders who made the list. I'm sure thier goalkeepers took them out to lunch for those saves.

Now, I do have to say that many of the saves in the list may have been acrobatic, but there are several that appear on the list only because the goalkeeper found himself out of position. There were others that were just cases of poor finishing. So, those are eliminated for voting in my mind. So, I'm gonna have to give my nod to one of the Stephen Frei saves. Those saves are very hard to make when the flight of the ball is going one way and is deflected or headed back in the opposite direction. What do you think?


Nielsen is reporting a 125% increase in viewership of Fox Soccer Channel from this time last year, mostly due to its coverage of the EPL and MLS. Over on the world-wide leader in sports, MLS ratings are actually higher than EPL ratings on ESPN. This is yet another indication of the increasing relevance of soccer in the US sporting landscape.

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