Sunday, November 29, 2009

Name This Keeper: Answer

Who is this goalkeeper?

None other than the world famous striker, Pele. He is shown playing in goal during a practice game in preparation for the 1966 World Cup in England. The image is from a terrific photo essay by Life Magazinge in honor of the 40th anniversary of Pele's 1,000th goal.

Pele makes the save.

Pele tells us of his goalkeeping career.
"I also played in goal for Santos Football Club," he says, reminding even hardcore soccer fans of a little-known fact about his astonishing career. "I played several games."
Incredibly, Pele was serving as the third goalkeeper for the Brazilian squad in England 1966 and would have taken his place between the sticks in an injury emergency.

Pele soars for a bicycle kick

But this is the image most of us think of when we think Pele.

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