Thursday, February 17, 2011

SI Reporter For FIFA President

Grant Wahl, the Sports Illustrated soccer reporter and author of the Beckham Experiment, has decided enough's enough with the lunacy at FIFA.  He's decided to challenge Sepp Blatter in the run for the FIFA presidency.  No, really.  He's serious. 

He's running on a pretty great platform.  If elected, he will:
  • Instant replay for all close calls on the goal line
  • Referees for the World Cup will be chosen on merit alone with no limits per country
  • Referees will also be required to address the media post-game to explain calls
  • Yellow cards will not be automatically given to players taking off their shirts to celebrate goals
  • FIFA transparency by releasing all FIFA documents to the public
  • FIFA presidential term limits of two four-year terms
  • Eliminate FIFA's sexism by appointing a woman to General Secretary position
Unfortunately, he needs a country's soccer federation to nominate him for the election.  That may be pretty hard to do, unless he can find a country that isn't afraid of the FIFA machine politic to stick their neck out and put his name forward.
Wahl running for FIFA President

Any ideas which country would be willing to help "cure the Blatter infection"? 

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