Monday, February 7, 2011

Worst of the Weekend

Whether we're talking about Bayern Munich's collapse in Cologne to lose 3:2 after a 2:0 halftime lead or even worse, Arsenal giving up 4 after leading by 4 to Newcastle, there were a lot of choke jobs this weekend.  But the worst of all was this incredible see-nothing effort put on by the refereeing crew in Costa Rica.

If ever there's a case for goal line/replay technology...

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  1. As a referee I can imagine at the speed of play while running among the players missing the ball touching the rear lower horizontal bar, but seeing both touches of the goal posts. But I don't understand why the Assistant Referee nearest the goal did not see the path of the ball in and out of the goal! I would be supportive of some kind of goal technology that would sound an alarm and/or shine a light to indicate that the ball entered a goal.