Friday, March 4, 2011

More MLS in Chattanooga News and US Open Cup Qualifying

MLS Teams Playing in Chattanooga on Sunday Afternoon

Sunday's friendly between the New England Revolution and the Columbus Crew is almost upon us.  I'll be heading up the road to cover the game at Findley Stadium at 4PM ET, and you should really consider the short drive to catch the pros up close.  Tickets sales for the game are strong with over 1,000 already sold.  CFC has been busy promoting the game in all forms of media.  Here's a video interview with some of the CFC board members about the game.

NPSL Southeast Region US Open Cup Qualification Format Revealed?
There's been no official word about the qualification process to be used by the league, but during the interview with WDEF, CFC board member Tim Kelly mentioned that a round robin US Open Cup tournament would be held on May 28th. 
This falls in line with the announcement from RCU president Andy Zorovich about the 2011 RCU schedule.  Zorovich said, "Our league this year won slots into the US Open Cup. So, we will be playing in Chattanooga on Memorial Day weekend for the US Open Cup Qualification Round.  It will be just the teams in our conference."

A round robin qualification process would make the Memorial Day weekend action packed.  The process would have the five teams facing each of the other teams once, for a grand total of ten games in the space of three days.  Wow, the spectators will love all the action, but that's a grueling endeavor for the players!  One things for certain, the team with the best depth with have the advantage. 

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