Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More USA v Paraguay

I put together a little vid of our bus trip, the pregame tailgate, and some game highlights.  As you can see, we had pretty sweet seats and a pretty great time, despite the result.

According to the announced attendance figures, the match was the biggest in Tennessee history at 29,059.  That's about 7,000 walk up tickets sold, and a lot more than I thought would come out on a cool rainy Tuesday.  Well done, soccer fans!
Record crowd cheering on the USA

As for the game itself...  We certainly had enough chances to score, but when was last time the US were the first team to score in a game?  As much as I respect Bob Bradley as a coach, our team sucks in the first half.  Maybe we can get a interim coach just to run out the starting line-ups and tactical formations, and then let Cheatin' Bob (That's what I call him.  Ask me about it sometime if you see me) finish coaching the match, since he seems to make decent adjustments and substitutions as the game goes on.

Here's a pretty good recap with plenty of pics from the Tennessean, who treated the match as a big event.  Nice!

I'll share some photos of our trip in my next post.

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