Thursday, July 2, 2009

More ESPN World Cup Details

It's a year away and I'm already getting pumped up about watching the World Cup. I told you the other day about ESPN's expanded coverage of the 2010's biggest sporting event, but in an interview with Sports Illustrated, ESPN's Executive Vice President for Content John Skipper revealed some of the details behind what the type of coverage will be offered. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Documentary style interviews with every living player who has scored in a World Cup Final;
  • A long form feature on at least one player from each of the 32 teams participating in 2010 edition;
  • A full time reporter assigned to the US team (provided they qualify);
  • Three roving reporters assigned to all other teams;
  • Two "on-site" sets for SportsCenter broadcasts;
And don't worry folks, all of the game announcers will be "a longtime soccer announcer". So, you won't have to suffer through a converted baseball announcer trying to fill up dead air with inane facts and useless stats.

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