Monday, July 20, 2009

USA vs Mexico To Be Shown On Mun2. What's a Mun2?

If you're like me, before last week you didn't even know there was a station called Mun2. And now, we find out that the English language broadcast of the USA v Mexico World Cup Qualifier will be shown only on this obscure channel.

Apparently, Mun2 is a sister station to the Spanish language network Telemundo. NBC, which owns Telemundo and Mun2, holds the English and Spanish language broadcast rights to all Mexico National Team games played outside the USA. So, instead of showing the English match on NBC or even selling the rights to ESPN, NBC has decided to use this match as an advertisment for thier new youth oriented station, Mun2. Mun2 has shows both in English and Spanish and will broadcast the English version of the match while the Spanish broadcast will appear on Telemundo.

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