Friday, August 21, 2009

Mayor's Cup Reminder and Other Stuff

Mayor's Cup Tomorrow

The Huntsville college derby known as the Mayor's Cup returns tomorrow as UAH travels to Bulldog Field at Alabama A&M. The match kicks off at 5PM.

Hleb Gets My Goal of the Week

Alex Hleb has to get my goal of the week. Check out the former Arsenal/Barca man's mazy run through the entire Timisoara defence for Stuttgart's second goal. BTW, love the Romanian team's name. Timi!!!

<a href=";from=metadatawidget_en-us_foxsports_SOCCERvideocentral&amp;vid=6577bcc4-bb8a-47fb-9acb-7dbfe2f58598" target="_new" title="CL Highlights: Timisoara/Stuttgart">Video: CL Highlights: Timisoara/Stuttgart</a>

Scorpion Kick Goal Scorer Coming to MLS

Remember that goal I was drooling over a few months ago? Well, the scorer of that unbelievably sweet scorpion kick goal, Luis Angel Landin, has just been signed by the Houston Dynamo. That's a major signing for MLS. Not only is he a young player with plenty of upside, but he's a Mexican coming to a market with many Mexican fans.

Here's that goal again. Check out his reaction. He's just as surprised it went in as everyone else.

Soccer Commercials

Here are a few commercials that ESPN and FSC are showing to promote thier EPL and UEFA Champions League broadcasts respectively.

ESPN's EPL spot

<a href=";from=IV2_en-us_foxsports_SOCCERvideocentral" target="_new" title="UEFA Champions League: All Season Long">Video: UEFA Champions League: All Season Long</a>

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