Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Quote, A Commercial, And A Tasteless Goal

Quote Of The Year

Raphael Honigstien of the Guardian had this to say about Hamburgs defeat of defending champion's Wolfsburg in his weekly round up of the Bundesliga's action.

Hamburg regrouped and spanked the home side [Wolfsburg] for naively exposing their rear.


Nice Nike Commercial

I hear a lot of discussion about how great it would be if American soccer were able to get the best American athletes. Well, as this commercial called "Fast is never enough" by Nike suggests, it's not enough in soccer to be a great athlete (or to just have speed), you have to have all of the desire, the smarts, and the breaks, too.

Yeah, It's Legal, But...

Check out this goal from the an Australian league.

The goalkeeper has to share some of the blame for not being aware, but still, it's pretty poor sportsmanship from the goalscorer.

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