Thursday, August 6, 2009

Southern MLS Expansion Links

Here are some recent articles about MLS expansion in the south:

Fans Wanting MLS In Atlanta Keep The Faith This article about a new supporters group called the Brotherhood of Southern Soccer (BOSS).

Following the example of the Sons of Ben, who successfully organized Philadelphia soccer enthusiasts and eventually influenced enough of the right people to have an MLS expansion team awarded to Philadelphia, BOSS intends to gather soccer fans from the south to show the powers that be in the MLS that the south can support and truly deserves a team or multiple teams in the top flight.

BOSS is currently working on a webpage, but has a Facebook page with around 200 members.

Soccer In The South: Where Atlanta Went Wrong

This article discusses why Atlanta may not be the best place in the south for MLS expansion and mentions the success of Chattanooga FC as a reason that a smaller market may be better suited.

MLS Expansion: TV Must Be The Key

Very interesting article from a few weeks back, where the author argues that TV exposure is vital to the league's health and that expanding to Miami or adding another team in New York will increase that exposure.


I'll leave you with this quote from MLS Commissioner Don Garber from a recent interview,

"We need a team south of DC. Where that is and when that comes we don’t know today – but I have always said it is a ‘when’ not an ‘if’. I don’t know when that ‘when’ is though."

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