Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brrr! It's Cold

The record cold here in Huntsville has been wreaking havoc on the daily pick-up games in which I play. The wind and the cold have reduced our numbers to the hardcore or the crazies (the key is layering guys!). If it keeps up for the rest of the week, we might have to consider canceling the game for a day or two, even though I love snow soccer. Speaking of canceling, here's an article on all of the wacky reasons for game cancellations around the world.

African Cup of Nations Primer

European coaches are up in arms about the fact that they'll lose some of their best players for up to a month to go play in the African Cup of Nations. The continental championship is broken down nicely by Andrew Guest of Pitch Invasion.

Rapids Flash Their Fans

The Colorado Rapids have not been the most successful club in MLS, but there is one area where they do lead the league. They are certainly the most "21st century" team. They host "Play Clean" nights at their stadium where they run special offers for being "green" for carpooling fans, hybrid drivers, and recyclers. Now, they have a new innovation called the Flash Seat. It's a paperless ticketing system that let's the fan use an ID or credit card to claim their seat. Pretty cool.

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  1. I will be at the soccer field every friday (if we play). Your blog got some good infos. I need to read it more often.