Wednesday, January 6, 2010

HASL: Help Wanted and More

HASL: Get Stuck In!

Jacob over at gives his take on what should be done to resolve the vacancy that Daryl Owens stepping down as the Vice President of HASL. I have to say I agree with all of his points. It's time for a few young men or women to step up and "get stuck in" and help the league move forward.Jacob also announced that the HASL team meeting will be held at 2PM on January 24th at Pete's Soccer Shop. This is not one to miss.

Oh, and don't forget to sign up for the Weekend Warrior tournament while you're at it!

TV Commentators Certification?

As a person that actually has some experience as a TV commentator, I know just how hard the job is. Analyzing a game and instantly providing interesting, insightful commentary without sounding like an idiot is brutally hard and is surprisingly draining. I am fully aware that I sometimes come across as a bumbling numbskull during my broadcasts. But as in everything else in life, it's all about practice. And I promise that as I watch FSC and GolTV on the weekends, I'm running the commentary in my brain, often while I'm folding clothes for my wife! :) So, I'm hoping to be better in the future.

Now, my broadcast partner John and I have had several conversations about who does a good job and who does not. A certain "Captain for Life" is not one of John's favorites. I do admit there are guys out there that consistently say the dumbest things and do not have the faintest idea who or what is happening on the field. The Gaffer at EPLTalk has an interesting idea on how to limit those guys who irritate us the most each weekend from getting on the air in the first place. He'd like the leagues require a broadcasting license in order to become on-air talent similar to the coaching licenses that the leagues require. Interesting...

More 3D TV!

As I told you before, 3D soccer on TV is coming this summer. Now, it appears that ESPN will be starting an all 3D Channel with the World Cup opener as the first broadcast event. Get your 3D glasses now!


  1. Ryan, I couldn't agree more with you on broadcaster licenses. You are right that JH inspires me to work that much harder at being a better broadcaster.

    My solution to the audio garbage we have to endure during the beautiful game:
    1. No more thick Scottish accents. I can't stand it anymore. I'd like to stick an onion bag in their mouths.
    2. Require all English broadcasters to say at least 1 positive comment every 2 minutes.
    3. Limit the ex-US MNT players' roles to sideline reporters or studio analysts.

    Thanks for the great stuff Ryan.

  2. I strongly agree with the idea of broadcaster licenses. I have often yelled at my TV (to my wife's displeasure) following stupid statements from game commentators, usually ignorant of the Laws of the Game. I heard Eric Wynalda (spelling?) once say, "Players win games; coaches loose games; referees spoils games." One more sentence could be added to that. "Commentators confuse games." I have often been so disappointed by the unintended miseducation that game commentators do when they say the wrong things they say sometimes and many viewers think they're right! They're TV commentators; they must be right! NOT!!!

    Thanks for blogging, Ryan.