Monday, January 25, 2010

Old Guys Rejoice! HASL O-35 Division To Start In Fall 2010

The Huntsville Adult Soccer League will start an Over-35 Division in the Fall 2010 season. A unanimous vote heralded the decision during the Spring 2010 Captain's Meeting held yesterday at Pete's Soccer Shop. The "Old Guys" division will consist of existing teams in the 30 team league and will replace the Division IV or lowest tier in the league structure.

The Over-35 Division will be comprised of 4-6 teams who will drop from their current divisions to participate in the new age restricted division and will not participate in promotion/relegation. Existing teams interested in the Over-35 Division will have this season to adjust their rosters for competition to begin next fall. The current Division III will then serve as the lowest "open" tier and will continue the relegation/promotion battle. The remaining divisions will be adjusted to accommodate the departing Over-35 teams and Division III will be adjusted to include any teams in the Division IV who do not meet the age restrictions.

The overall league size will not change for the Spring 2010 season. There will be 5 divisions of 6 teams with each team playing 10 matches. There is a large amount of interest from new teams including 6 teams on a waiting list. However, do to lack of fields and the dwindling number of qualified referees, the league cannot accommodate any of these teams during this season, assuming all current teams return.

Other business discussed was the replacement of Darrel Owens as League Vice-President. While no single volunteer was elected to replace Owens, several volunteers have stepped up to form what could be called an executive committee to complete the operational tasks that Owens has been performing for the past 10 years. This committee will continue to meet beginning with next week and will attempt to create a schedule with league play possibly beginning on February 17th.

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