Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Head Coach Ziyenge Leaves UAH

Tafadzwa "Lincoln" Ziyenge has left UAH to become Head Women's Soccer Coach at the Arkansas State University. When asked to comment about his status at UAH, Ziyenge had this to say:
"I can confirm that I did turn in my resignation as men and women's coach at UAH this morning and will be leaving to be the women's head coach at Arkansas State University. I give all thanks to God for the priviledge he afforded me of being a student athlete and coach of both the men and women's teams at UAH. I have enjoyed my time here and will admit I was close to crying as I bid the players goodbye. I didnt realize how much I cared about these young men and women until they had left the room. It has been a blessing for me to be their coach and I have never been around a more determined group of boys and girls. The next coach is inheriting a great bunch of kids. I am indebted to the community for their warm words of encouragement especially when I was asked to coach both teams. I would never have won a single game without the help and support of the club and high school coaches. The true unsung heroes of my success tale are my two assistants Joe Nemzer and Geoffrey Merry. I credit them more than I credit myself for the success that was 2009. I have only fond memories of UAH. This is an excellent school and I am glad that I chose to begin my coaching career here and can only wish both soccer teams continued success in 2010 and beyond."

Ziyenge was named the 2009 Gulf South Conference Coach of the Year for leading the Chargers through a tough regular season and to a successful conference tournament in which the fell in the Gulf South Conference Finals after winning their first conference match in 10 years.


  1. This is a sad day for the UAH soccer program, losing a talented and gifted coach that has done and achieved so much. Coach Lincoln's statement only underlines his class. It is too bad that UAH did not make enough effort to keep him. He will be truly missed. I can only hope that the program with its recent success will attract another good coach/coaches...but it will be hard to fill coach Lincoln's shoes.
    Still shaking my head in disbelieve...

  2. Man they must not have offered him jack moneywise. The fact that Ark St can pay more for a women's coach (presumably) that UAH can for a classy double duty guy speaks volumes about the region's continuing lack of respect for the game. Yes, I know money is tight @ UAH, but money is tight at allstate universities. Bummer man.
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