Friday, September 18, 2009

Southern Supporters Group BOSS Launches Website

A few weeks ago the Brotherhood of Southern Soccer (BOSS) officially launched their website. BOSS is a soccer supporters group founded with the aim of bringing more professional soccer to the south with a strong focus on bringing MLS to Atlanta.

In an email interview, I spoke with BOSS spokesman Will Clearman about the group's goals and origins.
"...This is a grassroots group that was started by true southern soccer fans. We all firmly believe that in order for MLS to grow, it is absolutely necessary for the league to gain a presence in the southeast and with Arthur Blank (NFL Atlanta Falcons owner) considering an MLS investment, Atlanta currently provides us with the best chance to see top class soccer..."
Will laid out the group's goals to:
  1. Bring a Major League Soccer franchise to Atlanta and act as the base for the formation of Atlanta's first MLS supporters group.
  2. Demonstrate Atlanta's potential as an MLS market to both Major League Soccer and to potential investors by enlisting the support of Atlanta's many soccer fans from multiple ethnic backgrounds.
  3. Unify the Southeast's soccer fan base into one collective voice to advance the development of soccer, and Major League Soccer, not just in Atlanta, but in the entire region.
  4. Provide potential owners and investors with a direct line of communication to the metro area fan base and to provide Atlanta soccer fans the mean to voice their support for the movement.
He goes on to say,
"[BOSS is] as much a movement as an organization, we will rally support for the cause of southern soccer while organizing the already strong base of local soccer fans into one voice to proclaim our preparedness and collective will to bring a franchise home and will continue to pursue our goals until they are achieved. "
If you are interested in joining the group, visit the Join BOSS page on the website.

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