Saturday, September 5, 2009

VW Goal Celebration Lessons

I posted lesson one earlier, but I thought it was worth a full post. So, here's all of the lessons.

VW is really doing some good things for soccer in the US and the world. They sponsor several teams at various levels in the US soccer pyramid including MLS squad DC United and NPSL side Chattanooga FC. To help spread awareness for VW's Junior Masters World Final, they've released these great little vids with MLS stars giving goal celebration lessons. Watch and learn.

  1. As I showed you earlier, Clint Mathis and "the rockstar".
  2. Wilman Conte and "the bullfighter".
  3. Geoff Cameron and "the bunnyhop". I've never seen this one done, and I'm not sure it would go over well on any men's team.
  4. Javier Morales does "the pinata". Note: Perform with caution. PWTblog is not responsible for injuries incurred from whacking teammates while performing "the pinata".
  5. Guillermo Barros Schelotto demonstrates "toot the boot". Classic!
  6. Kei Kamara strikes a pose in "the photo shoot".
  7. Jhon Kennedy Hurtado makes "the power lift".
  8. Steve Ralston performs "the cranky donkey".

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