Friday, October 30, 2009

30 Years in US Soccer Jersey History

Soccer jersey design is a touchy subject to many fans. A real fan of a team is willing to overlook a hideous design to proudly sport something that if it didn't have the badge of their team sewn on it would certainly only be worn by a clown. Want some examples? Here are the jerseys from the original 12 MLS teams. Just put a red nose and wigs on those guys...

Where is the miniature car these guys jumped out of?

Fortunately for us, the US Men's National Team has a pretty good track record of jersey designs and the guys over at Project 2010 reviewed every jersey worn by the USMNT since 1984.

1994 USA Home Jersey: Bozo would be proud to wear this.

Overall, I'd say that the US jersey designs have been pretty good. There are a few that I'm not particularly fond of but they tend to be third jerseys that were not worn too often. The 1995 powder blue third jersey and the 2007 electric blue pinstripe just don't do it for me. Really, only the terrible 1994 World Cup shirts are can be considered clown worthy.

1998 USA Away Jersey: The only one I own.

Of the 29 USA jerseys reviewed by Project 2010, I only own one. Unfortunately, I bought it in the build up to the 1998 World Cup and wearing it brings back the horrible memories of the USA's last place finish in France. So, I only wear it rarely, even though I think it's a nice looking shirt.

2006 USA Home Jersey: One that I wish I had picked up.

There are a few that I didn't really like when they came out, but now I wish I had gotten. I guess my only option is to hope someone cleans out their closet and put them up on eBay or Craigslist.


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