Thursday, October 22, 2009

USL Drama Comes To A Head

The US professional soccer landscape could change drastically in the next week or so. A few months ago the United Soccer Leagues (USL) which controls the 2nd, 3rd and a 4th division of US professional soccer was sold by Nike to an Atlanta group called NuRock Holdings.

Prior to the sale of USL, several team owners had become upset about the handling of many league issues by USL executives and set up a group called the Team Owner's Association (TOA) to address those issues with the league offices. It had been hoped that new ownership would bring about changes on that front, but it appears that is not to be the case and the relationship between the TOA and the USL league offices has deteriorated to the point that the TOA is seriously considering splitting from the USL to form a competing league.

The blogs Inside Minnesota Soccer and the Kartik Report have been following this story very closely, and the guys from these two sites got together on the Inside the Six podcast a few days ago for a highly detailed account of the happenings. Very interesting stuff for the soccer geek!!!

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