Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Huntsville Mayors Says "No" To Land Purchase For Soccer Fields

If you've played a soccer game in Huntsville, you've more than likely played that game at one of the two municipal soccer parks, Merrimack and John Hunt parks. And if you've played at either of these parks, you realize that Huntsville is in desperate need for more soccer fields. Those fields are in constant use by the youth and adult leagues who occupy them 7 days a week. Despite closing the parks for months at a time to let the turf recover, it's no exaggeration to describe them as "dirt with lines" on them by the latter stages of the season.

Well, the Huntsville Times is reporting that Mayor Tommy Battle has passed on the purchase of a parcel of land called Griffis Glen in southwest Huntsville originally intended as a housing development that some in the city believe would be perfect for another soccer complex.

The article goes on to say,

"City Councilman Bill Kling said he hopes the city can find a way to acquire the land for a future soccer complex. Nearby soccer fields at John Hunt Park and Merrimack Park stay so "jam packed" that some youth teams have to practice in Madison, he said.

"There's a great need for more recreational soccer fields in the city," Kling said last week. "Turning that property into a soccer complex could turn out even better than single-family housing."

Kling suggested adding the land to the city's capital projects budget and paying for it over several years, so officials wouldn't have to come up with all the money now.

"There's not too many large parcels left in the central part of the city," he said."

It's time to let your city government know that this purchase would be highly beneficial to the thousands of residents who play the sport. Clilck the links to contact the mayor and the city council. The mayor also has a Facebook account here.

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