Thursday, October 1, 2009

Goal Line Technology Now!

Last week, Hawkeye Innovations, the creators of a goal line judging system, sent Sepp Blatter, the President (and chief crook) of FIFA, an open letter questioning his erroneous dismissal of goal line technology. Hawkeye, who is currently being used by Tennis to line judge whether a ball is in or out, has developed a system that through the use of six cameras and multiple backend computers can judge whether a ball has crossed the goal line despite obstructed views of the ball itself. Within 1/2 second of the ball crossing the plane of the goal, the system notifies the referee with a tone through an earpiece that the goal has been scored.

It is obvious that the time has come for this technology to be adopted. Recent tests have demonstrated 100% accuracy of the system.

In the letter, Hawkeye refutes point by point the issues that Blatter recently spouted about why goal line technology is not up to snuff. Could it be that Sepp "Blather" Blatter doesn't know what he's talking about?

Geoff Hurst's infamous goal against Germany in the 1966 World Cup Final that won the trophy for England. Goal Line Technology would have eliminated the debate of "Did it cross the line?".

Or could it be something more sinister? There are many reasons to mistrust the people at the highest level of football's bureaucracy. A quick web search of "FIFA crooks" will give plenty of evidence of wrong doing and back room money changing hands. So I ask... why does FIFA still drag its feet when a technology has been clearly been developed?

I guess someone needs to be paid.

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