Friday, October 16, 2009

World Cup Stuff

On to South Africa

Now that the US has qualified for the World Cup, are you going? If you're thinking about it, here is an excellent article by Grant Wahl about what to expect.
BTW, round trip airfare from Huntsville to Johanessburg via Delta (one stop in Atlanta) is currently running about $2100.

Will the US get a seed?

Despite the heroics the US team showed by scoring the injury time goal to win the CONCACAF World Cup qualifying group, it may not do anything to help them get a seed in the all important WC group draw.
Unbelievably, FIFA hasn't yet decided how it will apply the seedings. This sort of make-the-rules-up-as-you-go shenanigans are typical for FIFA and lead to the well deserved suspicion that FIFA isn't the epitome of integrity.

So, how will FIFA decide the seeding question? This article attempts to explain the issues involved, and it doesn't look good for the chances of the US getting a seed.

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