Friday, December 4, 2009

World Cup Draw Reaction And Other Stuff

US Draws...

...England, Algeria, and Slovenia in Group C. This is a decent draw for the US!

Group of Death has to be Group G with Brazil, N. Korea, Ivory Coast, and Portugal.

This summer will be a fun one!

Was It Fixed?

The New York Times has a nice little article on the conspiracy theories that consistently arise around this time every four years. Heated/cooled ping pong balls, magnetic rings, or other slight of hand? Are you kidding me!?

World Cup 2010 In 3-D!!!

FIFA has announced that they will broadcast several games from South Africa in 3-D.
What's next, robots replace players?

Group of Death: The Band

Nope, we're not talking about Group G in today's draw. We're talking about the futbol favoring heavy metal band from the USA, Group of Death! They're just getting ready to kick-off their quadrennial world tour "GoD Help Us".

I'm more of a punk rock guy myself, but you gotta love the passion behind the soccer loving metal band. Here's their latest song We All Call It Awesome and a hilarious interview with This Is American Soccer.

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