Thursday, December 31, 2009

Is HASL Done? Interview With HASL Vice President Daryl Owens

Recently, I sat down with the Huntsville Adult Soccer League's Vice President Daryl Owens to talk about the league's future after he announced last fall that the Fall 2009 season would be his last as VP. Daryl runs the day to day operations of the biggest and best adult soccer league in Alabama.

Daryl discusses the lack of soccer fields in the Huntsville area

As of the end of the year, there have been no volunteers to replace him, and although Daryl and league President Pete Needham would hate to see it happen, there is a possibility that HASL will cease to exist. That is, if no one steps in soon.


  1. I may repost this on my website if you don't mind. I vote for getting him more money!!! Either that or manage by committee.

  2. Feel free to repost... We need to drum up some folks to help out quickly!