Monday, March 1, 2010

Field Conditions at RCU's New Stadium Cancels Matches

Rocket City United's new home and the site for the 2010 NPSL Final Four, the Madison City Schools Stadium, has been closed due to dangerous field conditions. The Bob Jones High School soccer matches scheduled last week were postponed due to a 15 yard by 60 yard patch of the turf along the west side of the field that was considered too dangerous for safe play.

Due to the wet autumn weather, the field in the MCSS was damaged along the west sideline of the field where football benches a located during high school football games. Field repairs attempted shortly before the soccer season left a raised patch of sod running along the touchline, five yards into the soccer field that disrupts the natural roll of the soccer ball and causes treacherous footing for players and referees alike. Bob Jones and Madison City officials closed the field for corrective action.

The MCSS field prior to the attempted turf repairs that left the field unplayable (affected area is not shown).

According to one official who refereed matches at the stadium, "The repair was the laying of Bermuda sod in an area about 15 yards by 60 or 70 yards long, which is inside the soccer field. The ground was barely, if any, prepared before laying the sod. The sod was not rolled afterward. Basically too late and too poorly done."


The MCSS field is scheduled to be overhauled in late April in preparation for the RCU season. It appears that the recent repairs were satisfactory and games were held last Saturday.

RCU President Andy Zorovich says
he and the Athletic Director for Bob Jones High School, Bobby Jackson, have discussed the field issues at the MCSS at length. "I have been aware of the field situation since last December when Bobby Jackson and I discussed the field and plans to refurbish in late April/early May... I have full confidence in Mr. Jackson's commitment to having a high quality field at Madison City School Stadium."

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