Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Univision's World Cup, GolTV in HD, and MLS Week 1 review

Univison Announces World Cup Plans

This summer if you get sick of listening to John Harkes ramble on about "balance and cover", turn the channel to Univision. Sure, they'll be speaking in Spanish, but the "Gooooooooooool" call every time someone scores sounds so Futbol! Univision has announced it's plans for the coverage of the World Cup.

GolTV Will Go HD, too!

Not to be outdone by FSC, GolTV is reportedly going to be broadcasting in HD on August 1st. Of course, that won't mean much unless the cable/satellite providers start carrying the HD channel, but good for you, GolTV!

MLS First Kick Weekend

I watched most of the matches from this weekend's MLS first round. There was some very good (Morales for RSL had two golazos!) and some very bad (DCU's play and Dallas attendance). Steve Dayis of SI has 5 things to take from the weekend's action.

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The new MLS Daily can be found at MLSsoccer.com

MLSsoccer.com has launched and there are tons of new features. One is the daily video program above called "The Daily" here the guys from last year's program Extra Time break down league new and highlights.

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