Thursday, March 4, 2010

RCU and SCS, US help from EPL Coaches, and Windy Goal or Not?

RCU and SCS Prepare for the NPSL Final Four
Rocket City United and title sponsor Southern Convention Services are preparing for the 2010 season and the NPSL Final Four which will be hosted in Madison in late July. The Huntsville Times has a nice article on the efforts of the club and SCS to make preparations and generate community awareness for the season and the Final Four in particular.

BTW, I'll be heading out to the RCU Ribbon Cutting ceremony today at 4PM and will bring you all the news from it.

USA Coach Getting Help from EPL Coaches
USMNT coach Bob Bradley has gotten some inside tips for the showdown with England from some unlikely sources, the coaches of English Premier League teams. Many of them are foreign born and wouldn't mind seeing the USA take down the English. Speaking of... Isn't it time we starting hating England a little more?

What's Wrong With This Goal?

Here's a goal from a lower division German league game, it's a fluke for sure as the wind catches hold of the ball, but that's not what I really caught my eye.

As one of the commenters notes, this goal should not count. According to the laws of the game, "a goal may be scored directly from a goal kick, but only against the opposing team." It should have been a corner kick for the other team, not a goal. That's one for you referees out there to watch for.

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