Monday, March 15, 2010

Soccer Bar Review: Steve McQueen's

UPDATE: Unfortunately, shortly after our trip to the place, Steve McQueen's went under. It is now called Knuckleheads Sports Pub and Restaurant. Looks like we'll have to return to review it.

Sorry this took so long to write up. I've had some family in town recently and have just gotten around to writing up my notes.
For our first potential soccer bar review, we selected Steve McQueen's Sports Pub (7407 Highway 72 West in Madison, next to DanTera Salon & Day Spa, between Nance Road and Jeff Road) to take in the USA v Holland friendly last Wednesday. Steve McQueen's has been opened for 3 months and has an impressive 68 TVs that can show up to 16 different games at one time.

The TV wall at Steve McQueen's Sports Pub.

The Pub was mostly empty with one or two people sitting at the bar when we entered at 1:30 on a Wednesday afternoon. We brought in 9 soccer fans and the staff was more than willing to cater to our group by turning on the entire wall of TVs to the game as well as several of the hanging flat-screens around the dining room.

The owner, whose name is Steve McQueen just like the famous actor, mentioned that the Pub will open in the morning for soccer games if given a heads up prior to the event. The food is decent pub fare, and the beer selection is pretty good and very reasonably priced. I had the chicken quesadilla with a pint of Olde Towne Porter.

The atmosphere leaves something to be desired, however. There is no soccer paraphernalia, and we were actually mocked for cheering a good play by some of the patrons of the mostly empty pub. That may be more of an indication of that particular patron's ignorance, but it is still not conducive to a good soccer atmosphere. I've read online of bad service, but we did not have any problems with out server.

So, overall Steve McQueen's Sports Pub rates a "2 and a half soccer balls" out of four. Lot's of TVs and decent beer selection, but low on soccer atmosphere.

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