Thursday, April 15, 2010

Announcers Get It Wrong? Say It Ain't So

There's a new blog on the block. Friend of the Perfectly Weighted Through Blog, Darrell, who is a certified referee, has become increasingly frustrated with the outright ignorance of the rules that so many TV commentators have. Over the years, Darrell and I have had many conversations complaining about controversial talking points of games broadcast over the weekend and how time and again the announcers calling the game explained the sequence wrongly.

With the start of the MLS season recently, Darrell decided to call out these announcers publicly on his new soccer blog called American Soccer Announcers Exposed. Darrell is now the self acclaimed "Dogger of Bad Commentary", and has had it with TV soccer announcers who consistently get the facts wrong.

As you may know, I do a little TV commentary myself. So, I'll be firmly in the ASAExposed cross-hairs, and will have to make sure that my comments are legit or I'll find myself sliced and diced by my man Darrell.

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