Thursday, April 22, 2010

Soccer Bar Review: Inside Out Cafe

In our on-going series to identify potential "soccer bars", friend of the PWT-blog, Darrell, who also writes the new American Soccer Announcers Exposed blog, has written up his review of the Inside Out Cafe located in Madison at 10871 County Line Road.

Just down the street from the new Rocket City United team office and soon-to-be-built practice fields is a nice quaint little restaurant/grill called the Inside Out Cafe, formerly called GameDay Grill. They call themselves “a rockin’ sports cafĂ©” and they appear to be so. It has a sports bar atmosphere, bar centric and music playing and there are about 12 TVs around ranging from small to large projection screen.

Backroom at the Inside Out Cafe, prime spot for soccer watching

They have an area in the rear that the manager, Diane, told me that they could arrange tables for us to watch a game on the approx. 52” TV in that area. She even said she would be willing to open early for us, if there was a early special game that a group of us wanted to watch together. We scanned the channels and I noted they have ESPN, ESPN2, and GolTV. I was told they have ordered pay-per-view in the past and expect to do so again in the future. They also have outdoor seating, which is about to be renovated/expanded, possibly to include an outdoor TV (no promise, just a comment).

To complement viewing, they have 12 beer taps, including Guinness as well as micro brewery and American selections, and a good selection of bottled beers. They don’t serve any other kind of alcoholic drinks. They do serve soft drinks. Their food is great! I’ve eaten there many times and never had anything less than delicious. They serve all the good items to go with beer such as wings, burgers, ‘dogs, and pizza. They also have salads and even have a kids’ menu. Their service is also good.

Inside Out Cafe menu has all the good stuff

The only negative thing I can say about the place is it is a little small. But then on the other hand, how many have we pulled together for a soccer event? I’ve seen at most about 12 or so. They can definitely handle that. The only other bad quality is some of their booths. The seats are uncomfortable. But that would not be a problem for watching soccer because we would rearrange tables for viewing the game rather than sit in booths.

I rate them at 2 ½ soccer balls and not 3 soccer balls only because they do not have a soccer TV package per se.

Check it out. They’re all nice people too.

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  1. Inside Out Cafe no longer exists. It has been replaced by a BBQ restaurant.