Friday, April 30, 2010

New US World Cup Jersey, Group C Projections, and Grissom Soccer Camp

World Cup Home Jersey Released
The new white home jersey to be worn by the US in this summer's World Cup has been released by Nike. The jersey is made from polyester made from recycled plastic bottles and features a sash design similar to the design of the jersey that the US wore in the upset of England in the 1950 World Cup. In keeping with that theme, I ordered mine with the name and number of the goal scorer from that day, Joe Gaetjens.

Statistician's Projections of Group C

In an ESPN article, statistician Nate Silver, famous for his Major League Baseball player and US political predictions, has released his predictions for the results from the World Cup's Group C. So? According to Silver's simulations, England and the USA should advance. He projects the US getting 4.27 points from the three matches with a 21.6% of winning the group and a 55.8% of advancing. Too bad the games aren't played on paper.

Personally, my gut is telling me that this will be a much harder group than these projections indicate. I will be very happy if we get 4 points from the group. With a little luck, that will be enough. In my ideal World Cup scenario, we finish second in Group C and face Germany in the second round, followed by Mexico in the quarter-finals. Another crack at Germany in a knock-out situation would be an ideal situation for an upset by the US, and we know what it takes to beat Mexico. But again, with a little luck, this could be a good World Cup for our boys.

Grissom Hosts Soccer Camp

This summer Grissom High will host thier 17th annual Soccer Camp for children ages 5-16. The players will be provided with instruction on individual technique, skills and tactics. For more information and camp registration, go to

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