Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All I Want For Christmas

Thanks to guest poster Chris for giving all of the Huntspudlian Soccer Masses some entertainment through my extended ailment by providing a list of Christmas wishes from around the footballing world...

Joy to the World

Rafa Benitez (Liverpool) Xabi Alonso, Retirement bungalow on Costa del Sol

Leonardo (AC Milan) Good players under 30 years old, anyone under 30

Louis van Gaal (Bayern Munich) Someone to buy Luca Toni @ fire-sale price

Jose Mourinho (Inter) Zlatan Ibrahimovic; Chelsea’s central defenders

Sir Alex (Man Utd) No more injuries; EPL title

Arsene Wenger (Arsenal) No more injuries; EPL title

Carlo Ancelotti (Chelsea) No more West Ham, or Wigan; Michael Ballack as stand-up comic

Pep Guardiola (Barcelona) Tranquillo. I have all I need.

Manuel Pellegrini (Real Madrid) More attacking players, less grey hair

Fabio Capello (England) English-style catenaccio; Realistic expectations from England fans

Javier Aguirre (Mexico) Tae Kwon Do lessons

Bob Bradley (USA) Good performances when Americans are actually watching

Andy Zorovich (RCU Owner) Rafa Barbosa lands male modeling job in Huntsville, April-July, 2010, returns from Brazil

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